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Scalable & Reliable Field Engineers Nationwide


About Us:

OnsiteHub is a technology outsourcing company with a primary goal of recruiting, hiring and managing the best field engineer workforce nationwide. We offer a scalable service for our partners to meet their quality and financial goals.

Our goal is to ensure availability of field engineers nationwide for all your IT needs. We provide a rapid response service regardless of your location.

We know how important IT projects are to you. We have seen in many instances where there are no available engineers in certain parts of the country for a particular project. With this challenge the IT project could either be abandoned due to the unavailability of field resources. This is why we are here, to sail you through these hiccups and to help you reach your deadlines by providing you a scalable and efficient field engineer workforce.


What We Do

We are an IT outsourcing company that dispatches a scalable workforce of expert engineers to different parts of the country to work on your projects. Our core goal is to provide field engineers who focus on punctuality and quality of work
throughout the country making us a preferred company to work with.

Most often, there seem to be different challenges in getting a qualified field engineer down to your site. This challenge halts the entire repair process/installation process and creates a lag in time which can affect your project in the long run.

That’s the reason we are here to overhaul the old challenging process by implementing a streamlined and convenient solution. We achieve this by providing the following:

1. The best set of engineers available in the U.S on your project at any time
you need them
2. A responsive dispatch service to your calls and needs
3. Field engineers available in one single location or thousands
4. Achieving your financial goals and targets
5. Meet your deadlines efficiently

Partner with us and you get the best hands available to work on your project anywhere in the U.S. We’ve got you covered on all fronts, so send us a message and let’s get talking on how to make your IT project plans become a reality.

Why we do what we do

This is a burden we have decided to bear so you can have the essential ease that is required in the entire planning process.

You no longer have to pass through the usual process of not having your IT project handled to IT standards. We know most often there are limited choices of support based on your location. Your company’s location is not a problem for us because we have extensive field engineer coverage throughout the entire country.

We love dispatching to multiple locations and offering an outstanding service to your company. You may have had plans both in the past and now to have field engineers sent out to different locations in the U.S, but this plan has stalled for a while now due to We understand how the ache goes on and on and we know getting this plan off the ground and running is essential to your business in the long run, so we are here to help you take off from the ground and fly;

We know you must have had some not some bad experiences with mediocre field engineers on your IT projects.

1. By offering you an unmatched field engineer dispatch service throughout
the United States of America
2. By providing a scalable engineering workforce in every single state in
the country

By covering the entire country top to bottom we ensure that you are fully served and your needs, completely met. With OnsiteHub you no longer need to be on the phone everyday making long calls recruiting field engineers.

Give us a call and we will ensure that you get the best field engineers on your project.

Who do we service?

Our services are sweetly packed up for our partners in need of field engineers sent nationwide and also those who do not require a full service IT company. We offer the best service to all our partners that comprises of the best engineers nationwide.

With our drive to assist our partners to meet up with their deadlines, we apply every effort just to ensure the right personnel is present to work on your project and see to its completion.

There are very few outsourcing companies that can compete with OnsiteHub to provide you with quality field engineers. We stride to offer a quality service that tallies with the standards of your companies IT requirements.

Services offered

To guarantee that your project takes the perfect shape required, we provide a scalable field engineer workforce for your projects. They work on your field engineer needs and also ensure that they meet up with the stipulated time frame given for the project. With us punctuality is a priority.

And more than meeting up with your IT deadlines, we are also keen on you achieving your financial targets on all your projects. To get this done, we provide you with a completely streamlined solution which ensures that you maximize your financial budget on your projects at all times.

For you we recruit, hire and manage the best field engineers for your projects. With our hiring process you avoid the stress of dealing with inadequate engineers. We keep a track record on the abilities of our engineers for you and know who is qualified to work on your project.

We hire professionals; who are experienced enough to provide you with a valuable service at all times. Our engineers provide a variety of services but specialize in the following:

1. Network Repair
2. Structured Cabling
3. Telephone System Repair
4. Surveillance
5. Rollout Installations
6. Surveys

Quality of Engineers

All field engineers recruited, hired and managed by OnsiteHub are proficient and leaders in their field. They can overcome obstacles and work efficiently to complete your project.

With our engineers on your IT project field, it is a win-win on all sides as we give out the best to ensure you are satisfied with the project.

And with our emergency repair services, the needs of your project will be promptly responded to as soon as you make contact with us. Our engineers can offer a quality service and they all have one thing in common; all engineers outsourced by us have been thoroughly screened and deemed fit for the success of your projects. Our screening process allows us to make confirmations ensuring they are:

1. Insured Engineers that have been certified to work and complete IT projects in your state
2. Reliable in delivering amazing engineering services
3. Always available to work on your projects 24/7
4. Have completed a thorough background test and drug test

All our engineers are fully prepared and available to work on your projects nationwide.

OnsiteHub engineers are professional both collectively and individually, with each one possessing the capacity to offer an outstanding job on your project, and this is essential for your project, with either 2 or 15 engineers working, depending on the scale and the requirements of your projects the results are always identical – superb.


Why you should partner Up with OnsiteHub

OnsiteHub is one of the very few IT outsourcing companies in the U.S offering IT services that cover the entire country, this means we are in every state that you live in and in every state that you are not in. Our proximity ensures we can deliver
the best service to you nationwide.

Coupled with our broad service range, we offer the best expertise in regards to theengineers we provide to your projects. Our proximity to all states spells out onething “we have qualified field engineers available to work on your projects ineach state, delivering unmatched quality”.

With our superb response service, your project is attended to in the mostprofessional way and an achievable reality.

Contact us today at service@onsitehub.com to discuss your field engineer